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Welcome to Stillwell Farm Supply, LLC

Small Engine Repair, Gun Repair, & FFL Firearm Transfer

Small Engine Repair, Gun Repair, & FFL Firearm Transfer

We Repair Firearms

Stillwell Farm Supply, LLC offers quality workmanship in all aspects of firearms including cleaning, gun repair, firearm modification, weapon restorations and more.


Stillwell Farm Supply, LLC will deliver quick turnaround times and our services are highly personalized to fit each customer’s needs and desires. With our low overhead, we are able to provide gun services and repairs at competitive prices. We focus on the highest standards of quality and customer service, resulting in long term relationships with customers.


Stillwell Farm Supply, LLC has a well-equipped shop and we keep up with the newest firearm technology. From pistols to high power rifles and antique family heirlooms at Stillwell Farm Supply, LLC , our work is our passion and we take pride in being the very best at what we do.


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